Lis Engel

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Lis Engel

Artist statement

"To be an artist is for me about radical awareness and a willingness to communicate experiences of significance with passion, courage, imagination and honesty.

I have been exhibiting and worked with art since I was 12 years old where I had my first exhibition. I have studied art history and art critic at the university of Copenhagen and studied art in practice in New York, London, Seattle, Génève, Paris, Firenze, and Rome.My preferred medium is oil and acrylics, but I also work with drawing, photo and mixed media.
My inspiration comes from many sources, e.g. nature, music, poetry, all kinds of art. Different periods of art history especially medieval art, oriental art, classical renaissance art and impressionistic art was the beginning point. From there I studied art history and the different traditions of painting especially influenced by the art scene of the 50´s where different art forms began to merge. I was attracted to the art of Miro, Chagall, van Gogh, Gaugain, and Picasso but also as different Danish artists as Oluf Høst and Asgar Jorn.
Art as experience and communication of life. My focus is to communicate on processes of deep experience, being present and totally involved in what you do - and allowing an openness in the event of the Now.
My paintings and drawings investigate a space intertwining the poetic, the surrealistic, the abstract, the expressive, the meditative and the magical of life. I paint both abstract and imaginative and figurative in a colorfull and expressive style- searching to communicate experiences of life.

Lis Engel

Lis Engel, Contemporary artist, phd

Presentation in Art Catalogues and Art Books:

  • 101 Kunstnere, curated by Art critic and art historian Tom Jørgensen, 2017.
  • Maestro D´Arte Associato Onorario E Benemerito 2015, in occasione del premio internatzionale d´arte
    Raffaello Sanzio 2015, Associazione Culturale “Italia in Arte” via Carmine 63, Brindisi, Lecce, Italia
  • 1 st Biennale of Creativity in Italy,
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Latest Awards

  • Segnalati Edinburgh, Scotland, for stylistic value, nov, 2015
  • Nominated by Accademia Italia in Arte for High International Art Award Minerva Goddess Of All Arts
    for the following reasons: a testimony of your commitment artistic, strict and original, to give your
    contribution to the History of Ideas, the mediation of knowledge and spread the culture in the world
    through your interpretation, unique and unrepeatable.
  • Mazzullo Prize July from 10th to 19th 2015, at Palace Duchi of Santo Stefano in Taormina.
  • Cavalieri di Malta O.S.J. pittura, for stylistic value, luglio 2014
  • The Best Modern and Contemporary artists, All'Artista for stylistic value, april 2014
  • Raffaello Sanzio 2014, Lecce, Italia


Selected Invited and censured exhibitions

    Udstillinger 2018 - Events 2018:

  • Kunsthuset Annaborg , Hillerød Nybro artists 8.februar - 4.marts
  • Galleri Nybro, Duoudstilling "NOWhere" Lis Engel & Tim Juel-Jacobsen 2.- 29.marts, Address: Nybrogade 30 1203 Kbh. K
  • Art Nordic: 20-22 april Gallerie Engel "Lokomotivværkstedet", Copenhagen, artists represented: Tim Juel-Jacobsen, Ulla Ferdinandsen, Dorte Boe, Lis Engel.
  • Variablerne i Helligåndshuset 2018, summer exhibition.
  • Kunstrunden Nordsjælland, 19-21 maj Open Doors
    & Group Exhibition Annaborg, Hillerød 17.maj-3. Juni
  • Langes Magasin, Nybro artists summer exhibition 15.-28. August, Frederikssund
  • Art-Now Art Group Linds Kaffebar,18.august –30.september
  • Ör&Sund, september, Espergærde
  • Art-Now Group Humlebæk Bibliotek 18.-31.august
  • International Caravaggio Prize, 7. dec 2018, Litta Theater, Milano
  • Egebæksvang Sognehus, Oktober måned
  • Dyssegårdskirken, 11.november - 10.january duo-exhibition Lis Engel, paintings & Tim Juel-Jacobsen, sculpture
  • Tombola exhibition, Paris, 17 December- 5. January. Address: Monteoliveto Gallery – Galerie Etienne de Causans 25, rue de Seine, Paris.

    Udstillinger 2017 - Events 2017:

  • Kunstrunden Nordsjælland 18-21 maj Open Doors&Group Exhibition
  • Marienlyst Castle Helsingør 11-21.maj
  • Art-Now Humlebæk Bibliotek, “Beauty Happens” 16. juni – 30. Jun
  • Helligåndshuset, juni 2017 Variablerne Summer Exhibition.
  • Segnalati Berlin 2017

    Udstillinger 2016 - Events 2016:

  • Sofia, Bulgarien The New Frontier, 1-15.09, 2016
  • Naples Castel dell´Ovo, 22-24 june,2016.
  • Art Nordic, Copenhagen 2016, Hillerød Kunstdage 2016
  • Hillerød Art-Days 2016

    Udstillinger 2015 - Events 2015:

  • International Contemporary Art, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • November 2015 The art event I Segnalati
  • Dante House Museum Firenze 2015
  • The second International Art Bienniale in Palermo 2015
  • Future Memories Venice 18 august-29th august and The Biennale of Chienchiano 5-13 september, 2015

    Udstillinger 2014 - Events 2014:

  • Solo exhibition at the International contemporary art gallery Marziart Hamburg,dec 2014-jan 2015
  • Salon Gustave Eiffel- La Grande Exposition Universelle 2014, curated by Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo, and organized by Ea Editore of Palermo open at Salon Gustave Eiffel with a Vernissage the 23 october 2014 at 10:30. Host of the event will be Jose Van Roy Dali, son of the famous painter Salvador Dali.
  • L'Agostiniana Galleria, Rome, invited as a candidate to Leonardo meets Canova, 2014 with two paintings "paradise no 1, paradise no 2"
  • 1st Italian Biennale of Creativity, Palaexpo, Verona 2014, represented with two paintings "The Path to Tihar" and "Angel of Light".
  • Monreale Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art, Sicily, 2014 invited as a candidate to the 1. Trinacria Award 2014 with the painting "In-between heaven and earth".
  • CHRISTMAS IN NAPLES 2014 Gallery of Modern Art The Doors, 57 Chiatamone Naples, 20-30 December 2014.
  • Raphael Sanzio Award 2014 from ItaliaIn Arte 2013 2014

    Udstillinger 2013 - Events 2013:

  • The censured HCAndersen festival at Filosoffen Odense, 2013.
  • Galleria Tondinelli, invited as a representative for Denmark by Curator Floriana Tondinelli and art professor Aldo G. Jatosti to the Nordic Exhibition Roses, Gardens and Ancient Symbols Rome 2013, supported by the Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish Ambassady.

    Udstillinger 2011 - Events 2011:

  • Museum of Americas, 2011
  • Firenze Biennalen, 2011
  • Gallery Broadway, New York, 2011
  • Nyart Beijing Project, 2011

    Other Exhibitions:, Helsingør, Danmark
    "ZONTA" Frederiksborghallen, Hillerød, Danmark
    Kunstrunden, Nordsjælland, 2010 - 2016
    Ör&Sund, Espergærde, Danmark
    Kronværksporten, Kronborg, Helsingør
    Helligaandshuset, Strøget, København
    Havarthigaarden, BLIK, Holte
    Galleri SPIRA, Sigtuna, Sverige
    Galleri Engleson i Magasinet, Falsterbo, Sverige


Art Critic in catalogue Sofia 2016: Art: The New Frontier

Lis Engel is a wonderfull self-taught abstract painter. Her work is made of purely gestural brushstrokes., capturing the viewer from the very first moment and transporting him or her directly into a sublime reality reminding of the British abstract painter Howard Hodgkin and the Australian expressionist Arthur Boyd. The lines are basic and essential and offer and almost childlike quality to the subject, although her ability to depict her figures are outstandingly expressive. The reduction of form and simplicity of outlines highlight her explicite allegorical and poetic nature. The use of colors is stunning and her compositions are fascinating and superbly charming, absolutely unique and highly talented. Her pure spirit of Art is a true and joyful gift to the world of modern abstract painting. Chianciano art Museum, ICAC Art Critic Karen Appel.

Art Critic in catalogue Sofia 2016

Art: The New Frontier

The sensible Danish painter is now started to artistic maturity after some aesthetic experiences, gained through the internalization of the theories learned directly in London, New York, Geneva, Florence, and, of course, in Copenhagen. Her style is introspective, but also inquiring of the outside world. Signals come from the two worlds to the heart, not only a feelings cradle, but true laboratory transformation of images in a dreamlike visions of life and subsequent phases of interplay between experience and expression to turn to define the true meaning of lived space. In "Madonna and Child" space corresponds to a few centimeters between the two sides, so homogeneous as they were one. Lis Engel here reveals its iconographic traits, with soft, harmonic tones (which is dominated by pasteltones) and she even include the symbolic element of the dove in the foreground. She's not wrong when Engel defines his style "expressive, poetic, wonderful, which in itself contains dreamlike visions of figures, but also allegories and abstractions" of an ideal world that effectively live creating and realizing not living in the city of the Little Mermaid. Lis Engel likes to live in the small town of Rønne, on the island of Bornholm, which certainly is not stingy with horizons, nature, and suggestions for the spirit. That 's where our artist can get lost in endless mazes, and provide nourishment to her thirst of knowledge.

Aldo G. Jatosti

Galleria Tondinelli
Rome, 2011
Art Professor Aldo G. Jtosti

Chianciano Art Museum - Critical Analysis

Lis Engel is wonderful self-taught abstract painter. Her works are characterised by the purely impressionistic nature that derives from her inner responses to everyday life and to the objective world she sees around her, besides by her more intimate meditations and dreams and her favourite myths and fairy tales.
Lis's technique is made of purely gestural brushstrokes that create dynamism and tumult in her canvases, capturing the viewer from the very first moment and transporting him directly into her sublime reality, reminding us of the British abstract painter Howard Hodgkin and the Australian expressionist Arthur Boyd.
The lines are basic and essential and offer an almost childlike quality to the subjects, although her ability to depict her figures is outstandingly expressive. The reduction of form and simplicity of outlines highlight her explicit allegorical and poetic nature.
The use of colours is stunning. Lis uses soft, harmonic hues, prevailingly pastel tones, to offer the viewer a most refreshing and joyful experience. The chromatic primacy and combination of colours only accentuate the meaning and symbolism in her paintings. There is a story behind each artwork that is told through Lis's artistry and creative talent and imagination. The viewer is overwhelmed by the evocative intensity of her visual narrative and finds himself unconsciously living each story with passionate participation.
Her compositions are fascinating and superbly charming. Her delicate, subtle, generous, manner of conveying her most precious feelings is absolutely unique. We are bystanders in the face of a highly talented artist and her compelling and extraordinary sensitivity. Her pure spirit and art form are a true and joyful gift to the world of modern abstract painting.

Karen Lappon

Karen Lappon
International Confederation of Art Critics

The Global Arts Project January 2011 Abraham Lubelsky Ny Arts Magazine

Your dreamscapes are rendered in vibrant hues and tones: lucious grass, azure sky, winding paths, silent heat, or tall standing trees. The wildlife and featured animals simbolize a life lived to the fullest...the same energy can be detected in your more Abstract Exspressionist paintings and a mixture of rainmbow palette, combined with blithe brushstroke, construct a buoyant world where the midnight sky becomes a festive carnival, and the jungle turns into a poetic prophecy. Ingenious and intuitive, you portray life as in its finest detail in each layered painting, each brought into being with tints and shades magnetic and galvanizing.

The Broadway Gallery,
New York 2011
The Gloabal Arts Project January
i Ny Arts magazine



    Upcoming events 2019:

  • Bienal de Arte in the Meam European Modern Art Museum of Barcelona.5th-7th april 2019

  • Galleri Nybro, "NOW FOREVER - Improvisations" A duo exhibition with Tim Juel-Jacobsen & Lis Engel Sculpture&paintings 29.03-25.04 Adresse; Nybrogade nr 30, København 1203 K -

  • Art Nordic 5-7 april Lokomotivværkstedet, Otto Busses Vej 5A 2450 København … stand nr 19-20 artists presented: Ulla Ferdinandsen, Lone Klan, Susanne Kjøller & Lis Engel.

  • Nordic Light - Nordic Art Exhibition arranged by “Norden” in collaboration with “Humlebæk Kunstforening”, Humlebæk Bibliotek 27. april -15.may 2019. Reception 27. april 11-13.

  • Brøndsalen, Frederiksberg 5. -17. May- Galleri Nybros artists 30 års Jubilee exhibition.

    Kunstrunden 2019:

  • Fællesudstilling Marienlyst Slot 6.-16. juni. Open every day 12-17.
    Reception: torsdag 6. juni kl. 16-19
    Address: Marienlyst Allé 32, 3000 Helsingør.
    Open doors: Saturday 8.- monday 10. June.
    Every Day kl. 11-17 - Address: Atelier-galerie Engel, Toeltvej 39A, 3050 Humlebæk. Call for other opening possibilities mobile 0045 31689013

  • Art-Now, artist group exhibit Humlebæk Bibliotek 17.-31. August . The theme is "Self Happens" Adresse: Humlebæk Center nr 40, 3050 Humlebæk.

  • Florence Biennale – 18.-27.oktober Fortezza da Basso, Firenze, Italien.


Lis Engel


Galerie Engel Toeltvej

39A 3050 Humlebæk, Denmark

+45 31689013